Decorative plaster MISTERO "ELEMENT DECOR"

Decorative finish MISTERO is a natural-lime-based material containing special additives; it is a flexible multi-purpose finish for interior designs in any style. Application techniques which can be used with the MISTERO finish are numerous: “aged wall”, “marmorino”, “drape”, “comb”, “coral shear surface” or “1000 lines” effects, etc. And with a well-thought combination of pearly and matte lacquers, unique interiors in Mediterranean style as well as in classical style can be created. The material looks excellent in modern interior designs, and it will be a delight for you in any type of interior: nursery or kitchen, entrance hall or drawing room.
  • 5 kg
    690 hryvnias
  • 15 kg
    1839 hryvnias
  • Intended use: interior use
  • Solvent medium: water
  • Coverage: 1-1.8 kg on m², depending on application technique
  • Tinting: tinting - related issues should be clarified at the time of purchase of the materials
  • Tools for application: stainless steel putty knife, plastic putty knife, plastic trowel

With this plaster you can create —

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