Decorative plaster MURO ANTICO "ELEMENT DECOR"

MURO ANTICO is a natural high-plasticity lime finish which is manufactured according to old formulas. The material allows imitating surface of natural marble: smooth, durable, and having a peculiar natural gloss. The decorative finish is well suited for any challenging experiments with various shapes and colours; when used in combination with MISTERO decorative plaster (for the first layer), it can produce attractive and unique textures. CERA DECORATIVA or CERA LAVABILE can be used as finish coatings (to increase the glossy effect).
  • 5 kg
    1149 hryvnias
  • 15 kg
    2887 hryvnias
  • Intended use: interior use
  • Solvent medium: water
  • Coverage: 0,7-0,8 kg on m², depending on application technique
  • Tinting: tinting - related issues should be clarified at the time of purchase of the materials
  • Tools for application: stainless steel putty knife, floating rule

Application techniques

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