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ELEMENT Ukraine is a manufacturer of paint, decorative and thermal insulation materials

The products are manufactured using German and Italian technologies and recipes. The central office is located in the city of Dnipro.

Company history

ELEMENT Ukraine is a Ukrainian manufacturer of paints and varnishes, decorative and heat-insulating materials. It is part of the SILTA group of companies with a head office in the city of Dnipro. For the production of products the advanced German and Italian technologies are used, as well as European raw materials.

The history of the company began in 2009, when ELEMENT produced the first line of interior and facade paints, using a unique recipe and technology in production. Over the next few years, the range of products has been significantly expanded and included paintwork products for various consumer categories. And since 2014, the ELEMENT products have been sold in all major construction materials hypermarkets in Ukraine.

In 2016, ELEMENT DECOR — the line of decorative coatings for walls, ceilings and facades was put on the market, all products of which are made based on Italian technology using high quality European raw materials. In the same year, the company launches the ELEMENT PRO trademark — a system solution for professional object-based works, which is sold through its own retail network.

In 2017 the company launches a new integrated product — seamless facade insulation systems ELEMENT PRO FACADE SYSTEM.

At the moment, ELEMENT Ukraine products are represented in all construction materials hypermarkets, large online stores, as well as in its own network of Farbia shops.

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Line of goods

The line of interior and exterior paints, including paintwork materials for different consumer categories. Produced by a unique recipe.
System solution for professional object work.
A line of exquisite decorative coatings and plasters produced using Italian technologies and raw materials.
Complex product - seamless facade insulation systems.
Optimum line of paints and varnishes at a reasonable price.
First-class raw materials

First-class raw materials

To produce all Element products we use only high-quality German and Italian raw materials.

Unique formulation

Unique formulation

Element product composition is developed on the basis of our own laboratory for creating and testing materials.

Quality control

Quality control

We pay great attention to the constant quality control of all Element products.

Element products are widely used in both private repair and at the construction of large residential and commercial buildings.

We invest in training employees and partners. We offer lectures, retreats, and master classes. We participate in international exhibitions and conferences.


Visit our own brand showroom of paintwork and decorative coatings, including:

  • Expert centre, where you can get a consultation of a technologist about the materials and application techniques
  • Point of sale of various paintwork materials
  • Co-working with samples of textures and catalogs with ready-made dyes

The ELEMENT is a part of the Silta Group of companies

Silta Group

The Silta Group includes 5 divisions of paintwork and finishing materials production. The company has been operating since 1996. Global reach: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.