Decorative plaster MATERA "ELEMENT DECOR"

MATERA decorative finish creates an “aged wall” effect bringing harmony and cosiness of Mediterranean villas to your interior. This environmentally-friendly finish has been developed specially for those users who follow new trends in design, interior architecture and decoration. The finish consists of mineral aggregates, reinforcing fibres, and acrylic copolymers which make it very flexible, with an endless variety of decorative effects possible.
  • 5 kg
    415 hryvnias
  • 15 kg
    1067 hryvnias
  • Intended use: interior use
  • Solvent medium: water
  • Coverage: 0,9-3 kg on m², depending on application technique
  • Tinting: tinting - related issues should be clarified at the time of purchase of the materials
  • Tools for application: stainless steel putty knife, plastic putty knife, plastic trowel

With this plaster you can create —

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