Interior latex paint ELEMENT 2

Matte latex paint with high coating properties, wear-resistant for interior works, for painting all durable, clean and dry interior wall surfaces and ceilings free from contaminants and segregating substances (e.g. fats). "ELEMENT 2" paint has a high degree of whiteness and can be used both in the primary form and tinted in pastel colours with water and multi-purpose pigment pastes. It is easy to apply with a brush, roller, or a spray gun.
  • 1 l
    110 hryvnias
  • 2,5 l
    280 hryvnias
  • 5 l
    460 hryvnias
  • 10 l
    870 hryvnias
  • Type: matt latex
  • Coverage: approximately 150 ml/m²
  • Intended use: in its primary form, in toned aqueous and universal pigment pastes

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