ELEMENT Grund Antiseptik is a ready-to-use antiseptic primer to protect the surface from biological damage, based on active biocidal agents of a wide range of action. Antiseptic primer is designed to destroy and prevent the development of mold fungi, lichens, blue-green algae and other biological damage on almost any absorbing, porous surfaces at their treatment before priming and painting. Prevents the development of pathogens and their spores, thereby contributing to the overall improvement of the microclimate in the room. It is used for the treatment of facades and basements of buildings, as well as the indoor walls and ceilings, especially in damp, poorly ventilated rooms.
  • 1 l
    75 hryvnias
  • Type: antiseptic primer
  • Coverage in 1 layer: approximately 100-200 ml/m²
  • Density: 1 g/ml

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