Priming paint ELEMENT

White paint primer with the addition of quartz sand for decorative plasters Element R20, K15 and Element "Relief". For indoor and outdoor works. Is used before the application of decorative plasters Element R20, K15 and Element "Relief" to improve the adhesion, water repellent properties and durability of the coating. Regulates the absorbing capacity of the surface. When used on exterior surfaces, the Paint and Primer increases the moisture repellency of the substrate. It is applied with a brush or roller. It is tinted in light colours (no more than 25% of toning pigments).
  • 4 kg
    555 hryvnias
  • 8 kg
    918 hryvnias
  • 25 kg
    2618 hryvnias
  • Coverage: 200 ml/m²
  • Base: LAP
  • Weather resistance: retains properties for 10 years

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