Acrylic finish filler FINISH "ELEMENT PRO"

Ready-to-use white dispersion putty, gypsum-based with addition of mineral fillers and complex of polymer additives. It is intended for high-quality finishing of walls and ceilings. It has a non-shrinkable layer up to 3 mm and can be used as a decorative and finishing material. Thanks to acrylic co-polymer and complex of mineral fillers, the material is plastic, well applied, removes fine cavities and defects, gravel pockets and cracks. It is also applicable for concrete surface smoothing, for simple concrete and as well as rough or damaged plaster.
  • 8 kg.
    579 hryvnias
  • 15 kg.
    1038 hryvnias
  • 25 kg.
    1669 hryvnias
  • Type: dispersion putty
  • Coverage: 1,8 kg on m²
  • Warranty period: 24 months

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