23 December 2019

Creation of a charity calendar "Color like you"

Socially active and creative people united around the idea with a charitable mission. Creating a unique art calendar, "Color Like You," was organized by Element Ukraine. 12 active and creative personalities took part in an unusual project aimed at helping

Creation of a charity calendar "Color like you"

The idea of the calendar is to convey to society that each person is individual and unique. Color that reflects the essence of the person, his thoughts, mood, character is associated with the month in the calendar year. The heroes showed that one should not be afraid of experiments and seem strange. The shooting process proved to be very exciting. Each participant was involved in the process of choosing colors, a color palette that maximally conveys the inner world of man.

“To me, the project seemed very unusual. The shooting itself has charged everyone in a good mood. It is interesting to be part of something unique, especially for charity. My color is golden, and the month is October, respectively, ”says project participant Maxim Goldin.

The project involves artist-muralist Lyudmila Kyrylyuk, who also acts as a makeup artist for other heroes. "It's very interesting! I used to create murals, the size of a multi-storey building, and now it's a person's face. I look at it and pick a palette. The characters are completely different, but they are so involved in the process that they are ready to apply paint to their faces at least for everyone. day, ”Ludmila laughs.

The release of the calendar is scheduled for mid-December, and all proceeds from its distribution will go to help orphanages and centers.

“We want everyone to be able to participate. The project is aimed, first and foremost, at helping those who, like no one, need attention and kindness. Together with the creative participants of the project we want to give a little happiness to the children ”, - the representatives of the organizing company say.

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