Interior paint CHILD ROOM

Water-dispersion silky-matt latex paint, specially designed for kids rooms. It is well washed. Dirt can be easily removed; its coverage ability is high. It is eco-friendly, contains no hazardous substances, non-allergic. Suitable for painting of wallpapers and textured surfaces. Recommended for painting of walls and ceilings in schools, preschool and medical institutions, - wherever sanitary and hygienic requirements are strict.
  • 1 л.
    230 hryvnias
  • 2.5
    557 hryvnias
  • 10 л
    1839 hryvnias
  • 15 л
    2199 hryvnias
  • Type: water-dispersion
  • Coverage: 100 -150 ml/m² in one layer
  • Sustainability: more than 5000 cycles of wet abrasion
  • Coating capacity: heightened

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