Decorative coating CORTEN with oxidized steel effect

The decorative (texture) coating is designed specifically to fulfil bold design and architectural solutions. It creates the effect of noble rust of COR-TEN steel, an oxidized metal with velvety texture nice to the touch. This material will ideally fit into the interior in the luxury industrial style, and perfectly complement the elements of the building facade in a modern urban style. The composition of the material includes fine-grain granite chips, which ensures its strength and durability, and silicone polymers and special additives make CORTEN a vapour-permeable, moisture-proof and self-cleaning coating.
  • 15 кг
    4569 hryvnias
  • Применение: для наружных и внутренних работ
  • Растворитель: вода
  • Тонировка: материал тонируется только в темные цвета, информацию по тонировке уточнять при покупке материала
  • Расход: 1-2 м²/кг (в зависимости от техники нанесения)
  • Инструменты для нанесения: шпатель

Application techniques


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